How do I determine the size that’s right for me?

  • Most helmets come in sizes of S/M/L/ XL etc. the measurements should be stated in the box if not then it is best to contact the manufacturer for size equivalents.
  • Another way to measure is with a measuring tape; start right above the eyebrow around to the back of your head, whatever number you get compare to the size measurements indicated on the sizing chart located on the box or you can go to and download the PDF document under safety information.
  • Note that size varies between manufacturers due to styles of helmets.
  • Your helmets should not fit loosely. It should fit snuggly to offer the best protection.


When trying out a helmet what must I check for?

If you are new at purchasing a helmet you may be naïve about what is best to have or look for in a motorcycle helmet. All helmets will come with comfort fit padding. As you try out the helmet take into account the following:

  • Trying out – as you grab the helmet hold it by the chin straps, you will slip it on as you hold on to the shin straps and balance the helmet with your fingertips, make sure you spread the sides of the helmet slightly when slipping it onto your head.
  • Cheek pads – should fit snuggly against your cheeks without pressing uncomfortably. If you feel the size you’ve chosen is your size but the helmet still fits tightly, then your helmet is not placed correctly or you may need to try another size.
  • Brow pads – there should be no gap between your temples and brow pads.
  • Neck rolls- some helmets have them and some don’t, if your helmet does have a neck roll make sure it’s not pushing away from the back of your neck.


Whether you plan on riding a motorcycle or already ride one, and you were looking for more information about motorcycle helmets and buying one, we hope this article was able to provide you with helpful information. If you’re looking for pink motorcycle helmets you can find some great deals on our site and we wish you the best of luck in finding the right helmet.